Chiropractic Care May be the Key to Migraine Relief

For anyone who suffers from chronic migraines, it comes as no surprise that they can be debilitating. Unlike a standard headache, the throbbing and aching associated with migraine pain can prevent someone from leaving their bed on bad days. Coupling the pain with extreme sensitivity to light and overwhelming nausea, those with frequent migraines may find that their lives are being affected by their ability to work through the pain. Migraine relief isn’t out of reach, though. Chiropractic care can reduce symptoms and triggers. 

The Migraine Research Foundation notes that migraines affect 39 million people in the United States and 1 billion people worldwide. It is more common in women and children than it is in men, affecting 18%, 10% and 6% respectively. Nearly 90% of migraine sufferers have a family history of migraine headaches, which means that there is a statistically significant genetic link between your chances of getting migraines if someone in your family has suffered from migraines.

If you’ve tried traditional options to no avail, or are just looking for a more holistic approach to your migraine care treatment, chiropractic care may be your next step. Through manipulation of the spine and neck, you can find relief from migraine pain. One study found that in trials that included over 2,600 patients, chiropractic care served as an effective preventative treatment for migraines.

Many migraine sufferers have pinpointed their triggers, which can range from stress to a change in the weather. When patients feel a migraine coming on, they are able to book an appointment with their family chiropractor, who can then manipulate the head and spine, hopefully offsetting the dangerous cocktail of physiological factors that can contribute to the longevity and severity of a migraine.

Hammer and Forge Chiropractic’s commitment to providing peace of mind and quality of life for their patients includes those who suffer from migraine headaches. If you are seeking relief in the Waukee area, schedule a consultation and appointment to get started on the road to migraine relief.