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“I used to get headaches daily, but since coming to Hammer & Forge, they’re decreased to the point where I rarely get them!”

Stephanie S.

“This was the first time I sought Chiropractic care. I came in because I was having consistent headaches almost daily. After my initial consultation with Dr. Skyller, we created a customized plan to eliminate my headaches. Since I have been getting care for my headaches, they have almost been eliminated and I have Hammer & Forge Chiropractic to thank.”

Nick D.

“Dr. Skyller is an amazing chiropractor that puts your care as his highest priority. Des Moines is lucky to have him. HIGHLY recommended!”

Evan N.

“I have dealt with migraines for years. Since going to Dr. Skyller, I have not had a migraine. I believe the care I have received here has helped reduce my migraines. I highly recommend Dr. Skyller for the treatment of migraines. ”

Nicole B.

“Please go visit Dr. Stickfort! He addressed issues with my mid and lower back that were left neglected for a long time. More than helping my back pain, three things surprised me. I can breathe fully again without wincing from that tight spot between the shoulder blades, I didn’t realize how poor I was sleeping until I woke up feeling refreshed for the first time in too long, and the headaches I accepted as “normal” left me surprised at how much I was missing true normalcy. You will be blessed by going to Hammer and Forge Chiropractic. Thank you, Dr. Stickfort!”

Walker E.

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