Medicare Coverage

Over 55 million American’s have coverage under Medicare. A large majority of those people are 65 and over. There are a wide variety of opinions of Medicare, but when it comes to Chiropractic coverage, the opinion is positive. Most people with Medicare don’t realize that they have great coverage for Chiropractic services with their Medicare coverage. In our office:

  • The average out of pocket cost of Chiropractic care over three months = $900
  • The average out of pocket cost for those with Medicare = $145

Medicare itself covers 80% of the treatment given in our office. Then also, most of the patients in our office with Medicare also have a supplemental coverage that pays for that remaining 20%. We often have patients that pay for the initial exam and then nothing after that. It’s important to get all the benefits of the premiums you pay and Chiropractic is a great way to do that.

Chiropractic for You

Chances are if you have Medicare you’re over 65. We see quite a few people in their 70s and 80s just to increase their quality of life. Chiropractic has been proven to help our senior citizens stay active, improve their immune function, and decrease their levels of pain. Our technique is gentle and easy on their aging bodies with absolutely no side effects. There are many senior citizens that could benefit from Chiropractic that have never tried it and have no idea that Medicare will cover most of the cost.

If you have Medicare coverage and have been wanting to see a Chiropractor, give us a call today. Or if you know someone with Medicare, let them know that they can see a Chiropractor with little cost for them.