Whiplash is commonly caused by a sudden impact that results in the neck being rapidly strained forward and then back. It is often seen following a rear-end collision in a vehicle or from a sports injury. The consequences of whiplash are painful and severe, though symptoms may not appear for up to 24 hours following the incident. Many sufferers of whiplash experience intense neck pain, along with headaches, dizziness, and trouble sleeping. These symptoms can prevent our patients from feeling like they’ve fully recovered from a traumatic injury.Whiplash treatment can help.

Your chiropractor may be able to help alleviate these symptoms with whiplash treatment options. One of the most common treatments is spinal manipulation. Your chiropractor will gently and skillfully manipulate the joints and vertebrates affected by the injury, assuring that they are in proper alignment.

They may also employ muscle stimulation exercises. Much like a massage, these exercises require a deft hand to place precise pressure on the muscles that have experienced strain. Whiplash causes severe muscle strain, as the muscles of the neck are not generally forced into such extreme jerking motions. Your chiropractor will use stretching and contractions to sooth sore muscles and coax them out of their tension.

Your chiropractor is also a great resource for ergonomic techniques and exercises that can be used at home. Certain activities, such as sitting with poor posture or lying with the neck in a certain position, can further exacerbate symptoms associated with whiplash. Your chiropractor can suggest the tools and stretches that you can use to treat your symptoms at home, while providing professional care in their office.

Hammer and Forge Chiropractors are dedicated to helping our patients get back to life following a whiplash injury. Schedule an appointment with us to get started on a treatment plan that will alleviate your whiplash symptoms and leave neck pain and stiffness behind.