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Joint Dysfunctions in the spine may eventually lead to symptoms in other parts or joints of the body as well. These symptoms are your body’s only way of letting you know something is wrong. Unfortunately, the absence of pain is not an indication of health. By the time pain and symptoms appear the problem may have been present for months, even years. The great news is that you can help prevent these types of symptoms and conditions with chiropractic care.

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The central nervous system, made up of the brain and spinal cord is the master control system of the body. The brain communicates with the body via the spinal cord and nerves, which are like the superhighways or roadways of the body.

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What can happen, is the spine itself can shift out of alignment, causing pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, not only causing neck pain, back pain, and irritation, but also leading to dysfunction of the cells, organs and tissues of the body. This is called a Vertebral Subluxation Complex. Chiropractic care is the practice of correcting subluxations of the spine, through the use of precise analysis, and specific, gentle adjustments to re-align the spinal bones. This then ensures proper functionality of the central nervous system, allowing the body to function and heal naturally.

Chiropractic care is all natural healthcare. It can, without drugs or surgery, create optimum function of the central nervous system and has been shown to correct ailments that are far removed from their proximity to the spine, creating a true experience of health and vitality.

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